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4 Tips to Get Your Home Listing Noticed in Today’s Hectic Market

It seems like everyone is trying to sell their house today. With so many homes available, it’s critical that you find a way to make your house stand out from the crowd. To sell your home quickly, try these four tips to get your listing noticed………….

Take lots of pictures

Open houses and walk-throughs are great for selling, but you need something to persuade people to come to your home in the first place. That’s where your pictures come in. You need lots of pictures that allow people to see your home from various angles. They need to be able to piece together an image of the whole house so they can see a mental map and know it works for them. Include high points too, such as a remodeled kitchen, backyard pool or beautifully landscaped yard.

Invest in a high-quality yard sign

An online listing will spread your reach far and wide, but making sure those closer to home know you’re selling is important, too. A visually appealing, high-quality yard sign lets neighbors know, as well as random strangers who might happen past your house, that the house is available.

Showcase your community’s strengths

Does your neighborhood have outstanding schools? Is there a Fourth of July block party with fireworks? Are you in a quiet neighborhood that’s convenient to shopping and entertainment? Play up the strong points of buying in your neighborhood. Ask others in your community for suggestions, too. You’d be surprised how many things you might not notice that could be the perfect selling point.

Use the power of social media

Once your listing is live, share it on social media. Ask friends and family to share it. Have followers in different states? Ask them to share, too! Buyers can come from anywhere, so use social media to your advantage. You might even find that by sharing on social media, you get other marketing tips from your followers that help you get your home listing noticed even more.

Finding ways to stand out in a saturated housing market might not be easy, but it can be done. You simply need to be diligent and willing to try new things. A real estate agent can also be an excellent resource for ensuring your home listing is noticed in today’s hectic market. Take advantage of everything your agent can do so you can sell your home and get on with your life.


























By Meghan Belnap

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